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Gina...almost an anagram of Inge, but not quite

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Uhhh...50 books [Jan. 2nd, 2008|06:01 pm]
Gina...almost an anagram of Inge, but not quite
So I think I'm going to do that 50 books a year thing they make librarians do. I don't know if I already read that many books a year, but I'm guessing not because...well, I have a bad habit of starting books and losing them or getting bored or dropping them in large bodies of water, so yeah.  Anyway, I'm including school books only if I actually read the whole book, which I think is fair?

Anyway, happy New Year!
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Morrissey Concert!!! [Oct. 14th, 2007|01:52 am]
Gina...almost an anagram of Inge, but not quite
This guy on a forum wrote:

"What was up w/ the crowd (Score:0)
was up w/ the crowd, so fucken crowded and so sweaty, I swear to god I thought I was gonna pass out!! Any who big ups to the 2 dudes that helped me get the shirt you know who you are you guys are fucken awesome. To the girl that was behind me who lost her shoe... I hope you found it, p.s I gave your brother a boost so he could shake Morrissey's hand. I saw him opening night then tuesday, wed, thurs, fri, sat, and I didn't even get a handshake, but getting a piece of his shirt made up for it!!!! Great fucken show. "

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Either more than one person lost a shoe, or that girl is me. YAYAYYAYA! But I didn't find it. : ( All the way back to school with one shoe, but it was so worth it!
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Last Night of Summer [Sep. 21st, 2007|08:13 pm]
Gina...almost an anagram of Inge, but not quite
So, around one this morning, my friend Maggie Tom and I decided it would be a blast to get burritos. We drove down Mission to see what was still open and found a good place. I love the Mission!!! But yeah, we were hassled:
Shady Man : (stares at us and then starts speaking Spanish to me)
Me: Sorry, I don't understand.
SM: (More Spanish)
Me: I-I don't speak Spanish.
SM: (As if he's contesting this) You don't understand?! Where are you from then?
Me: Um...here.
(Then he turned to Maggie, because now, apparently, I can't understand any human language, which...fair enough.)
SM: You are both beautiful.
(We laugh, but stay where we are because getting our damn food is top priority.)
SM (to Maggie): And where are you from?
Maggie: Uh...here, too.
SM: Oh, I thought you were from China. Do you speak Chinese?
Maggie: No.
SM: I speak a little Chinese. I was in Tokyo a while ago.
So yeah, we hightailed it...because a bad pick-up attempt is one thing, but bad geography is quite another.

Then we somehow ended up parked in front of our old school and talked about many things:

-How someone, like, bought the gate around the playground (well...cement area where we played innocently (well...astroturf area where we gossiped maliciously like the naughty little imps that we were....)) Anyway, gate...well, some guy bought it and named it after himself. I mean, come on...there are so many better things to do with your money. And if you really want everyone to remember you, have a statue erected or something. Because (A) five year olds don't care who you are, (B) they can't even read, (C) the money you donated probably actually went to get Father _______ a new set of tires.

-Me: Hahahaha, do you remember the ghost?
Maggie: Yeah, on the third floor.
Me: We were all convinced we saw a bloody hand. I really believed it. I thought that to graduate we would have to survive a night on the top floor. Hahahaha. Damn. Catholic school.
Maggie: We were idiots.
Me: Let's find a way to get up there!
Maggie: We were idiots! Were!
So...we stayed in the car.

-Lying and cheating.
Me: I dunno...while I don't make a habit of lying or cheating, I do lie to my diary and and I do cheat at solitaire, which are both sad things to do.
Maggie: You lie to your diary?! Why?!
Me: I embellish...I dunno! Haha, I'll probably write that tonight I sneaked out to meet by secret lover Maggie.
Maggie: We are secret lovers.
Me: Totally.
Then some creepy woman drove by, scouting out St. Philip's, as if she were planning some mad attack (though she was probably just lost), and we decided to call it a night.
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So basically...I have horrible taste in television [Aug. 2nd, 2007|08:23 pm]
Gina...almost an anagram of Inge, but not quite
I'm watching Who Wants to be a Superhero? on the SciFi channel. It's basically the most ridiculous reality show ever. I love it because it's adults running around dressed up in like capes and underwear, super-serious about being the next big superhero. And you know, Stan Lee. He's genius.
Anyway, here's the craziness that's going on now (and I'm not even kidding):

So, the heroes have been kidnapped by notorious villain Bee Sting, who is holding them hostage in a glass box and forcing them to spell (HAHAHAHA WHAT?!) to save their lives. They have to spell words like beguile that start with the "bee" sound. But it's like idiotic because they have to actually spell everything "b-e-e...". And when they get a word wrong, a swarm of bees is released to attack them. WHAT?!

And one total asshole--Mindset, who looks like a sort of bald, metal triangle, refused to play the game and purposefully misspell words. So he spelled things correctly (without the whole "b-e-e..." business), and the group was, of course, promptly attacked by bees. And I suppose I can appreciate the idea, but when I have to decide between strategically misspelling a word and getting attacked by a swarm of angry bees, I typically lean towards the former. Man, what a crazy. He looks like a giant peanut.

Now they are being called to name their superpowers, and this girl has no idea what her super power is. WHAT THE HELL?! How do you go on a show in which you are supposed to be a superhero and not know what your super power is?

The show is filled with reality show stereotypes, and also forced diversity/filling quotas...many different races, different classes, a housewife who fights crime AND grime (Hygena), a gay man named after a classic Greek building (Parthenon), and a really rich Jewish guy (Mr. Mitzvah). There is also bordering-on-pedophile middle aged man (I dunno...the men-formerly-on-"To Catch a Predator" quota).

On a more respectable note, I am completely and utterly in love with Bill Bailey:

Marry me!!!!
Here are some Bill Bailey quotes:

1. It's true. Hitler was a vegetarian. Just goes to show, vegetarianism, not always a good thing. Can in some extreme cases lead to genocide.

AAAANd the other one's too long to bother, but trust me (I solemnly swear), it's hilarious.
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NONE!!!! [Nov. 13th, 2006|01:36 am]
Gina...almost an anagram of Inge, but not quite
A probably unimpressive prediction for the future:

I'm going to update tomorrow...majorly...when I'm less tired...

How is everyone doing by the way?...at their respective institutions?

As people sometimes say in the x-files and in comercials for the x-files, "GOOD NIGHT, THIS IS WHERE MY TAX DOLLARS GO?!"
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Urg! What a crazy day. [Aug. 4th, 2006|06:06 pm]
Gina...almost an anagram of Inge, but not quite
Sooo I was in the shower and twisting my neck from side to side like you do, you know. Anyway, let's make a long story short and say I ended up being carted off to the emergency room in an ambulance. I'm totally okay, but I have to wear a neck brace (attractive!) for about a week and take a lot of painkillers. It was just muscle spasms.

The funny thing was that all the nurses and doctors asked me if I was pregnant. I don't how twisting your neck is a symptom of pregnancy, but whatever. It was pretty funny and hopefully, I'm not like dying or anything. Finally I told one of the attentants that if I were pregnant, we would have to call the pope.

Well, anyway, that was my day.

They gave me Adivan and Vicodin...but I probably won't take any.

The EMT's were really cute too. They were very nice and they said something in "code" on the ambulance.

So I said, "Ay, what's that mean?!" And one said, "It's nothing important." And I said, "I better not be taking a hit." And they laughed and assured me that they were not making fun of me. They were so nice!

EDIT: I am happy, however, that Michael Kors is coming back. I've been missing him so much--
"It looks like Barefoot Appalachian Li'l Abner Barbie?"

"Oh yeah. You're alluring. Wearing your grandma's panties"

(About one of Wendy Pepper's designs): "Farty!"
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Confession :( [Jul. 21st, 2006|01:43 am]
Gina...almost an anagram of Inge, but not quite
(So...um...it turns out that I like Tori Spelling.)
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The Greatest Day of My Life! [Jul. 18th, 2006|07:42 pm]
Gina...almost an anagram of Inge, but not quite
Okay, so something amazing has happened in this month of July! Brisco County Jr., the greatest show that has ever graced television, has come out on DVD. Now this does not directly affect me as I have every episode taped on Beta-max and watch them frequently. But I feel the need to promote this show as if it were mine!!

So, rent it. NOW. Go out and rent this show. It is SOOOO great. I cannot even begin to describe how great it is, but I will list some of its amazing qualities:

-HAHAHAHAHAHAHSHASHAHAHAHHAH!!!--This is me laughing so hard that I can't even spell "Ha ha!" any more.

-You will learn stuff. Maybe.

-Bruce Campbell plays Brisco County Jr.

-Naked FBI agent (men can appreciate her body and women can admire her freedom and time-travelling ability. Did I say naked FBI agent? I meant naked FBI agent from the FUTURE!)

-People briefly speaking German.

-The invention of the Hamburger.

-The origin of the song "I Shot the Sheriff."

-Takes place in Old West San Francisco.

-Orb Scholar, my name, is a character in the show!!

-Cool old men inventing things and just being cool!

-Modes of transportation including horseback, rocket (!), and motorcycle.

-Many puns!

-Seems like a Western, but is actually Science Fiction.

-If you do not like this show, you must be lame. There is no other explanation.

Anyway, when I saw this in the video store, I literally gasped and flailed my arms. I knocked over a couple of things, which I quickly picked up. Then in my elated fit, I grabbed every single episode. But then I realized that I already HAVE every single episode. This disoriented me completely, so I walked out of the video store without renting anything. I was happy and sad all at once.

I leave you with this:

Resist THAT!!!
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I cut me barnet! [Jun. 23rd, 2006|11:35 pm]
Gina...almost an anagram of Inge, but not quite
Sooo, I saw the Omen. It was pretty forgettable because, I mean, the original was great and really didn't need to be remade. Since I should focus on the positive, here's what I did like:

-When Liev Schreiber kicked Mia Farrow in the face. (I wonder how much plastic surgery that undid.)
-David Thewlis smoking.
-Yeah, that's about it. Everything else was better in the original.

Speaking of things that DO NOT need to be remade, WHY ARE THEY REMAKING THE WICKER MAN!!!!!

The preview ruined the movie, because it showed the friggin' Wicker Man, which is supposed to be the big surprise at the end of the movie!!??? That's like when they remade When A Stranger Calls and gave away, in the trailer, that the stranger was actually in the house.

Back to the Wicker Man trailer, the movie apparently shows the little girl that the cop is looking for. This is stupid because in the clearly superior original everything is mysterious, especially the existence of the little girl. Having a family and photos of herself makes her much less creepy. And then Nicolas Cage is playing the cop. And I like Nicolas Cage, but he is NOTHING compared to Edward Woodward, who is the greatest actor of all time!


(Christopher Lee is also in the original, so I hope all you Star Wars fans will be behind me on this.)

Tomorrow, I am going away for the week! Edit: Horrible grammar...I am definitely not going away for the week all in one day. I'll try again: Tomorrow I am leaving for a week-long trip.
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Odd Request [Jun. 16th, 2006|08:10 pm]
Gina...almost an anagram of Inge, but not quite
Can someone tell me something that I don't know or would never be able to figure out on my own?!?!?!?!!

If I picked up live ammunition (9 mm, hollow point), is it possible that it actually exploded in my hand without my knowing?!??!!?

AHHHH! Haha. I'm soooo crazy delusional!

Anyway, assuming that this is reality, I hope everyone has an amazing summer! And I hope to see all of you, even if it's really awkward and we have to talk about the weather and what we plan to major in. (It is okay to end a sentence with a preposition, actually.)

Work Experience:
Crazy Lady: Do you know of anyplace that sells maternity clothes?
Gina: Well, we do. It's right back--
Lady: Yeah. Other than here.
Gina: Um...I'm not sure.
Lady: Oh great. Clearly you're new to the area. Why am I even asking you?
Gina: Um...I'm really sorry. You might want to ask--
Lady: (Walk, walk, walk!!)

I'm not "new to the area." Just last time I was involved in maternity clothes shopping, I was a fetus.

Steve Buscemi in Parting Glances!!!!

Has anyone ever played Hugo's House of Horrors!!!!!! Best game ever!!

Me: Fuck you!
Game: Same to you, loser.

I seem to be incapable, however, of restoring saved games!

Horatio Hornblower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Box-Freaking-Set!!
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